our training academy

     Crescentia educational Foundation was established in 2011 to meet the growing need for Educational training in Chennai. The mission of the Foundation is to offer training of a high standard, helping graduates integrate theory and practice. The Foundation further seeks to establish a strong bond with the alumni and the Montessori schools in the vicinity to ensure team work and awareness and overall growth in the community. The Foundation is affiliated with the central government of India and offers a full range of courses for those interested in the Montessori philosophy or in working with children…… CRESCENTIA is a modern and successful vocational training institution. Cultivating a vibrant learning community, we focus on preparing the Students to thrive in a dynamic world..

Why Crescentia?

   CRESCENTIA – Educational Training Academy have programs that are designed to meet the needs of traditional diploma, undergraduate and master’s students as well as working professionals who have a passion for working with young children and their families.

   CRESCENTIA Training Academy guides and demonstrates the candidate with real life complications faced while handling the children with the experience in walking the talk for the past 10 years. Our Faculties are lead by an experienced Teacher Trainer who holds a 35years experience and has successfully trained 500 candidates approximately.